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Welcome to the website 'Commemorative Stones Jewish Alkmaar'.

Fifth series of Commemorative Stones in Alkmaar were placed
on the 14th of may 2018


On the 14th of may 2018 the fifth serie of Stones were layed in the old city of Alkmaar. Most of the victims were living in the neighbourhood of the Langestraat and the Oudegracht.
Aside you will find information about names and addresses. Pictures of the day can be found at http://herdenkingsstenenjoodsalkmaar.nl/5e-steenlegging-fotos/ 
and have comments in English.

Below this page you can read more about the project.


                speech of the chairwoman of our foundation in the ancient City Hall

Names and addresses of the victims remembered on the 14th of May.

Samuël Menist (23.2.1896 - 30.9.1942)
Langestraat 101

Benjamin van der Lijn  (30.12.1871 – 2.5.1943)
Reintje van der Lijn-Serlui (11.3.1873 – 21.5.1943)
Langestraat 80

David van Buuren ( 24.9.1881 -  4.6.1943)
Johanna van Buuren-Cohen (27.6.1896 - 4.6.1943)
Langestraat 32a

Jacob Elzas ( 26.7.1877 - 7.9.1942)
Alida Elzas-Nol (7.6.1884 - 7.9.1942)
Langestraat 37

Salomon Leefmans (14.9.1896 - 9.7.1943)
Betje Leefmans-Belinfante  (15.4.1897 - 9.7.1943)
Aron Leefmans (1.12.1923 – 2.2.1944)
Langestraat 15

Leentje de Jong-van Dal (16.1.1875 – 24.9.1943)
Zoon: Simon de Jong (27.7.1900 - 14.1.1944)
Oudegracht 50

Elisabeth Polak-Polak (23.6.1859 - 9.4.1943)
Hartog Philip Benedictus Polak (28.7.1884 – 9.4.1943)
Jacob Benedictus Polak (3.2.1888 - 9.4.1943)
Judith Polak (3.2.1891 – 9.4.1943)
Mathilda Polak (30.6.1894 – 9.4.1943)
Roosje Polak ( 7.9.1899 – 9.4.1943)
Oudegracht 144

Hartog Drielsma (6.5.1911 - 31.7.1944)
Groot Nieuwland 32 

Sophia Deen (26.9.1870 – 26-1-1943)
Betje Deen (2.1.1878  – 26-1-1943)
Laat 68 

The project. 

The word 'Stolperstein' is from the german language, meaning stumbling block. (plural Stolpersteine). It is a monument created by the German artist Gunter Demnig, which commemorates victims of the Holocaust (Shoa). Stolpersteine are small cobblestones with a brass top and inscription giving information about the murdered victim and are placed on the sidewalk in front of the house where he or she lived. Commemorative stones are square marmor stones with the same information but engraved at the top of the stones. Both can be found in the historic old city of Alkmaar.
While walking on the city's pavement one can't help but see these Stolpersteine and Commemorative stones. You actually trip and stumble over them. One must bend down and even bow, before one can read what is written. These stones help you think and contemplate about the tragedy that happened in that street and in that particular house to the Jews who once lived there.

While the vast majority of the Commemorative Stones and Stolpersteine commemorate the rememberance of Jewish victims of the holocaust, there are also those stones for other victims such as Sinti and Romani people, Jehovah Witnesses, members of resistance parties etc. The places that now have Stolpersteine extends to many countries within their cities and villages. Since December 2014 there have been more than 50,000 Stolpersteine placed in 17 countries throughout Europe. The Netherlands is proud to have since 2007 more than 107 cities and villages with brass-top Stolpersteine and also several cities where marmor Commemorative stones are placed.

In our small city of Alkmaar, a 40 minute drive north of Amsterdam, we started our own commemoration project for the more than 150 Jews who lived in Alkmaar and were deported and murdered. In total 213 Jews were living in Alkmaar in that time.



2 november 2015 Stolpersteine have been placed in the city centre of Alkmaar. Gunter Demnig came to the Netherlands to place stones in Alkmaar and in several cities in the north of the country and also in Belgium. We have planned 9 adresses with a total of 26 stones - which means 26 people. On the page ''1e STEENLEGGING'' can be read about those 26 people and the houses where Jewish families lived and where the stones were placed in the pavement in front of -or near to- the door. (The stories are in Dutch.) On that page also can be found a citymap with the routing and streetnames. On those pages foto galleries  show what happend that day and during the other cermonies.
12 september 2016 the second series of stone was layed, now called Commemorative Stones. this time not in the citycentre but in the neighbiourhood called Emmakwartier.
On the 15th of may 2017 the third series of Commerative stones were placed just outside the old citycentre of Alkmaar, called the 'Emma-neighbourhood', one in the Old City (Verdronkenoord) and on 3 adresses at the WesterwegThis time 2 seperate ceremonies on one day were planned because of special circumstances.


In 2017, october 30th:
De Zeswielen, a primary school on the 'Schermereiland' will be present with children of group 8.

and in 2017, may 15th:
De St. Adelbertusschool
: this time pupils from the primary school 'St Adelbertusschool' were involved. The school is situated in the heart of the Emma quartier. They were that day involved with the placing of the tulips on the stones.
Het Murmellius Gymnasium
: every year this school is very much involved with our project. On may 16th Louis Frankenberg gave a presentation about his life, specially how he managed to escape the nazi's. 

In 2016:
De Kennemerpoort: this time pupils from the primary school 'Kennemerpoort' were involved. The school is situated in the street where we started laying stones: Hofdijkstraat 1, 7 and 10. A special schoolprogramme was made to introduce and explain what in the beginning of world war 2 happened in that street. Once more the Alkmaar Murmellius Gymnasium was present with 2 teachers and 4 of their students.

In 2015:
De Rank: pupils from the primary school 'De Rank' in Alkmaar were present on the 2nd of november and layd flowers near the stones after they have been layed in the pavement.

Murmellius Gymnasium: during the occupation of the Netherlands the nazis ordered jewish teachers to leave their schools. Among them was J. Hemelrijk, in 1942 principal of the 'Murmellius Gymnasium' (an Alkmaar Grammar School). He survived the concentrationcamps Sachsenhausen en Buchenwald and returned to the Netherlands in 1945 and became again principal of the school. Until today the principal J. Hemelrijk is remembered in the school and because of 70 years of freedom in the Netherlands, pupils and teachers raised 1300,- euros for our Stolpersteine project, a great achievement for which we are very thankful. On the 2end of september the cheque was handed over by the students to the members of our foundation. On the 2nd of november those pupils were present the whole day. 

 The schools...

on the left: Meester Mike de Munck with his class, group 8 of the St. Adelbertusschool
on thright: Louis Frankenberg, holocaust survivor, at the Murmellius Gymnasium, being introduced by the Principal.


above: pictures taken on the 12th of september 2016 with pupils from Kennemerpoort primary school;   and below students from Murmellius Gymnasium - photo's by Mardy Maas



on the left: Gunter Demnig surrounded by schoolchildren (above) and students from Murmellius Gymnasium proudly presenting their financial gift (below) september 2015 - photo's by Mardy Maas

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