125 years Synagoge in Alkmaar

Commemorating 125 years Synagoge in the Hofstraat in Alkmaar: 1808 – 1933

In 1933 the Alkmaar Synagoge at the Hofstraat exists 125 years. Below on the left side a press cutting from the 'Central Journal for Israelites in the Netherlands', dated 2end of june 1933. On the right side a picture from Rabbi Wolf during a ceremony in the Synagoge. Date not known.

The text in the left column of the Journal is from the mayer (burgomaster) Wendelaar in which he tells about the warm-hearted feelings towards the Jewish Community in Alkmaar. He also shows his anxiety about the limitation of freedom 'elswhere'.
In the middel of the article a picture - and probably the only one - of the original interior of the Alkmaar Synogoge in the early thirties of the 20th. century. This picture is used as 'model' to restore the Bima and the rest of the interior.
The text on the right side is an in those times usual enumeration of practical and financial subjects concerning the Alkmaar Synagoge. It is written by Rabbi Wolf. He also mentions the precarious times but is also showing a great confidence in the protection by the Eternal One, the Royal House of Orange and the Dutch Government.
It all turned out differently....


Central Journal for Israelites in the Netherlands


Rabbi Wolf in the Alkmaar Synagoge, standing on the Bima

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